Tuesday, August 11, 2009

XXOO Love Thomas.

Golden Greens – rich tapestries of vibrant life put together in a smexy little outfit. Phoenix Rising has some great deals right now and if I have learned anything – it is to at least go and look. I went for something altogether different and ended up with several great buys from the store.

Love these shoes from Toast – color option changes allow you to matchy match your outfit – or just put together the dogs breakfast if that is your style. I always admired the women who could just throw on something random and make it look good – that takes confidence and shows you how much we still have to learn from one another. In fact, I would love it if a biker-rocker-neko-gothic-pierced-broken-grunge (or anything else I missed in that genre )babe took me on and dressed me one day. THAT would be awesome!! Anyone up for it??

A Piece of Candy – always good value for dollar and this was an unexpected little gifty this morning for me –I really liked the shirt and once I put it on – built the outfit around it.

TOP: A Piece of Candy – Terry Olive Vibrant - DSN gift June
SKIRT: -Phoenix Rising- Messy- Gold -$10L Fat Pack
BELT: Mix And Match. - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt - $50L
SHOES: *TOAST* - Sculpted pumps - $200L
BRACELET: Zaara - Nizam Choodiya (bangles) *white* $250L
SKIN: Lara Skins - Lara Skins-Mary Burgandy Tan
HAIR: Truth – Linda – Treacle - $225LLASHES: GLOW – Innocent Lashes - $100L

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