Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Pink - for a Completely Different Type of "Baby."

Pink Latex 1

For the very grown up "Baby" in you - check out this fabulous baby pink Latex Smexy smexy ... did I mention smexy? Suit. I love this outfit. I think I love it most because it is such an unexpected colour in the world of latex and because it makes you look like you are naked!!! Step away from your computer and take a look ... I look naked right? See what I mean? *nodding* .... pretty cool huh?

Pink Latex 3

This is justone of a myriad of great latex suits and designs by the wonderful folks at Plausible Body. They have a whole wall of outfits that you pay what you want from $0L and up. How fair is that? No-one misses out. Even pensioners can get in on the act and head for a stripper pole near you ... (I carry mine in my purse cause you never know when it will come in handy ...)

Pink Latex 2

Now I am crying about the fact that Lara Skins appears to have disappeared - not that anyone ever tells me anything but I did try to write to the designer to inquire - have not yet heard back. If anyone knows and I missed your post explaining please invite me to the remedial class on what the hell is happening with Lara Skins ... I will bring the cookies ....and stay after class ... promise.

SKIN: Lara Skins Daisy Blue – No Longer Available
HAIR: A&A - Elle Hair Bleach Blonde - $175L
OUTFIT: Plausible Body – Snow Suit - Free
LASHES: Wasabi - /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L

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