Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Bird.

Big Bird 4

I figure the pelican is flapping his wings permanently on account of his leg appearing to be stuck in the dock here .... I assure you I was NOT standing on his foot. But I wanted to do my best Big Bird imitation today and voila .... here I am. Sometimes a girl just has to close her eyes and go with whatever and that was what I did ..

Big Bird 1

Lestat does some really interesting pieces, her things are always well made, fit like a dream and use patterns and textures you just don't see anywhere else. Here I am only wearing half the outfit but the detailing at the back of this is really quite cool and the beading across the neck and chest ... beautiful. Love the colours too. Oh .. and boots come with the ensemble.

Big Bird 2

Oh and the Pelican and I had a nice talk .. turns out he is actually a moose playing a pelican and there is a move underfoot to segregate all the pelicans to their own island and he doesn't know if he will be allowed to go being as he is really a moose ... sad sad story ,...

SKIN: DV Mairmalade – 02 Jewel Emerald Skin
HAIR: Bewtiched Hair ~BWH~Naturals~Birdie~$53L
LASHES: Wasabi - /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L
OUTFIT: Lestat Reuven-Ocean Park - $100L
SKIRT: Clover - *Clover* Wild Peacock Bikini Wrap – hunt prize (full set)
EARRINGS: :House of Hucci - HH:: Aqua Square Cut Dion – Set $350L
BRACELETS: Uncle Wiggily – Bangles – gift

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