Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue Boudoir.


That screeching high pitched scream you may have heard echoig all over SL last night was not the system about to crash, nor the wail of the sexually frustrated (well they may have been wailing but who could have heard them??) ... it was actually my friend, the shopping queen herself .... Whinter Paine. She was screaming and jumping up and down and up and down and up and down…. ad nauseum …. well no-one actually threw-up but I could have put my finger down my throat that far ….and considered it at one point .. she wanted me to come and see Boudoir.

Boudoir 3

It is a pretty snazzy shop with really different clothes and some great hair. I could not resist this little blue set - just one of many colour choices. I also liked their corsets which have a ton of buckles and again, are very different. And the SHOES!! WHOOOOOO EEEEEEEE!!! Anyway you should go check it out … Whinter may still be there jumping up and down, she was offering to sell her friends when I escaped (oops I mean left) … anything to be able to buy more ….hehe.

Boudoir 2

SKIN: The Abyss - Opium XP_Aesthetics[3]C - Oceana moonlight eye, carmel glossed lip
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors - Katia Updo Blonde - $200L
LASHES: Glow Studio - Innocent Lashes - $100L
EARRINGS: U&R Dogs - +*R*+: Fugue Pierce - unknown
SHOES: Periquita Shoes - Bella Donna Poison #1 - $600L

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