Sunday, September 27, 2009


Funkalicious 1

Feeling Groovy today so checked out a seventies vibe. You can vibe along if you would like to - get out the iron and start ironing your hair .... yes people they used irons as hair appliances wayyy back then ... and soup and coke tins to roll your hair in for that nice straight but bouncy feel. The only "mousse" they had back then was big and brown with antlers and did not play nice with the Crocheted bathroom doll in the bathroom - and always got into the bubble bath stuff.

Funkalicious 2

This was the start of the mini-van revolution only no-one cared about a seat and a dvd player for each passenger, the more the merrier, make your own entertainment - after 5 or 6 of those "special brownies" no-one cared anyway.

Funkalicious 3

Love this dress from Vlodovic - comes in many colours. I just took the top of it and added pants instead. Any leggings will do, add a belt and voila instant hippie chic. Oh and put an apron on when you make those brownies .. it can get messy .. everyone wants to "sample" the batter.

SKIN: Pink Fuel - Skye (Milk) Leafy - NEW !! Check out Skin and Shape Expo!!!
HAIR: House of Hearts - Black Renee - $59L
LASHES: Glow Studio - Innocent Lashes - $100L
SHIRT: Vlodovic - [AV] 60'S Groovie Dress - GREY - $99L (used top only)
LEGGINGS: Paper.doll leggings black - no longer available
SHOES: Little Heaven - Granny Shoes with Lace - Bunny Hop Hunt
BELT: Mix And Match. - :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt - $50L

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