Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heading Into Fall.

Mix & Match Hair 11 4

So many things to comment on - Mix and Match - check out the new store design. Manis Lane is constantly creating a feast for eyes with her beautiful textures and designs. The clothes are some of the best designs you will find, so easy to "mix and match" and the prices cannot be beat.

This sweater, as described to me by a fashionista I personally admire, "... is one of the best sweaters I have ever seen in SL. I bought one in every colour." I love this color and I swear you can sense how soft this sweater would feel next to the skin .. it is beautiful.

The hair? I love this short cut. It is new also and there are two versions - the plain and another with differing bows in it.

The skin from Redgrave was the one to go with to create the understated cosmopolitan look I was going for.

Mix & Match Hair 11 3

The cropped pants by Coco - so versatile and really designed well ... have worn them many times since I bought them.

The scarf from RunoRuno - from a fatpack of four includes an over the head addition for each color ... absolutely fabulous and again the price .. wow wow wow.

Mix & Match Hair 11 2
These shoes by Awesome Designs come in so many colours and I love them and have worn them often. They are especially great under pants.

Leezu's new patterned stockings are fab and this jewellery set from Malt has been a long time favourite.

Ayumi does not appear to have the purse anywhere in the store but it does have some great ao's and other nifty things very inexpensive and worth a look.

Mix & Match Hair 11

SKIN: Redgrave – 14 Hana2 Smoky1
HAIR: Mix And Match – hair style 11 black - $240L fatpack or $80L each
LASHES: Wasabi - /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L
SWEATER: Mix And Match – Classic Sweater Pink - $50L
PANTS: Coco – Cropped Pants Black - $200L
LEGGINGS: Leezu – Lalun Tights Black - $75L
JEWELLERY: Malt - Vintage Set – Hunt Gift
SHOES: Awesome Designs – Slingback Leather Slides black - $125L
PURSE: Ayumi – Slinky Swimwear Purse Right Shoulder – (hunt)
SCARF: RunoRuno – Samaria Scarf – Exspresso - Fatpack $150L

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