Friday, September 25, 2009

Skin & Shape Expo 2009 a la Bliss.

Be There!!

This is the place to be!! Starting this weekend you will want to round up your gang and head over to the Skin and Shape Expo. This is your chance to treat all your friends … if you are not in with the beautiful crowd and you don't see much chance of that ever happening THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to make your loser crowd fantabulously beautiful!!!

Check here to keep up to date on all that is happening:

I totally agree with organizer Foxy Innis when she says the shape makers are not given enough credit. Those I have spoken to are usually very humble and give all kudos to the skin makers but the shape, as Foxy says, gives life to the skin. If you are lucky enough to have a great shape - you can wear any skin. I certainly am in love with my shape maker, she knows who she is … and despite the restraining order she took out against me … I still have deep deep feelings for her …. I am really excited to be part of this and to see what is new and exciting. YOU do not want to miss it!!

It is also for a great cause - breast cancer research and helping those whose lives have been affected by cancer. You can read more at:

Keep checking this website for previews on some of the fabulous skins!! (with witty charming colour commentary and a synchronized swimming demonstration at the break!!)
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