Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul.

Bella e Scema 1

Every once in awhile someone does something that just picks up your heart and makes you smile. It is especially meaningful when that kindness is shown by someone totally unexpected. This is the kind of person that Klara Waco is. There are no words to express my appreciation for her and her reaching out to me on a very difficult day after the agonizing loss of my brother's daughter to cancer.

To be beautiful on the inside is surely the greates accessory any of us can add to an outfit.

Bella e Scema 3

Inner beauty and talent ... Klara Waco of Bella e Scema has both. This set, Scatola Sun Shower, which sells for $4500L comes with everything (excluding hair,shape, skin) you see here, and a hud which allows for 11 full colour changes, and, because she has broken it down further to parts of the dress - endless combinations of colours. In addition there are bit and pieces you can remove making this one dress a bargain at the price.

Her clothes are absolutely beautiful and you really have to try them on to fully appreciate them. This design is a cascade of gathered lace repeated as cuffs for the socks and the gloves. Generous lace is wrapped around the hat and provides a stunning shock of opulent material styled in exquisite detail. One thing is for sure ... wearing one of Klara's designs is sure to turn heads no matter where you go.

Bella e Scema 2

You will also find individual designs in the store - $50L for a couple of different outfits each month and she also has some great hair and some skins and shapes.

Bella e Scema 4

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