Monday, September 21, 2009

YoHo YoLo!

YoLo Skins copy

YoLo Skins at $700L each are a lovely collection of very unique skins. In designer Anik Pavlova's own words:

"YoLo Skins. Absolute Originals.

YoLo Skins are unique works of art composed using photosourced images and extensive hand drawing to create luminous textures and expressive faces. Each makeup option is entirely hand drawn.

YoLo Skins are not made from a kit or skin template or built from a “business in a box”. This is why they do not have the “look” so common among current skins on the grid. What’s good about them and whatever shortcomings they may have are the result of an effort to make something new.

YoLo Skins are entirely original creations. I hope you like what you see."
This creative designer has 4 store locations to serve you (soon to be 5) and has some big plans for adding to the line. She offers a freebie in-store to try and is well worth a visit! I love it when someone tries something new. I like the skins. Let Anik know what you think. Feedback can be soo helpful for designers and she is definitely open to it. But be courteous and kind please, she is a lovely lovely lady .... and besides ... I know where you live ... hehe....

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