Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Drive By "Shooting." Demi Ellison.

Demi Ellisson

I have a philosophy about fashion - as is written on my blog:

"Fashion is about the celebration of creativity. There are those who design, there are those who photograph, those who write, and those who adore .... collectively they draw our attention and our hearts and we delight in the colours, fabrics and styles. Whether we choose to emulate, to rearrange, or to buck the system completely we are making a statement about who we are or long to be. Playing dress-up as a little girl never ends ... it just deepens and enriches over the years and if we miss the opportunity to embrace this part of ourselves, this beautiful intricate woman-ness that we all engage in ... we miss out completely. Women are absolutely, and utterly breathtaking ... in all their forms and guises ... and such is fashion..." Bliss Windlow

There are so many compelling and different people out there in SL. An afternoon visit to BareRose brought some of the most interesting people I have seen in SL … so I decided that I would start taking random pics of people (drive by Photo Shootings) and just posting what I see and like. This is the first of these photos.

Because we all have our names over our heads and our profiles are open - I hope I am not treading on any toes … AND … I am taking the pics because the avi "spoke to me" in some meaningful way. (don't even try to understand just nod your head and don't make eye contact with me ….) My first subject is Demi Ellisson - there was something in her eyes - something vulnerable and soft despite the piercings and the tattoos. Her avi's size is perfect for her character and her style a contradiction, but she makes it work. She did not just go for "cute" but embodied sensuality and femininity in her look. Good job!!

Oh ... and btw ... the guy she was with was probably the perfect accessory for her ... he also embodied the same vibe.

I visited her shop …Nestle My Bosom … she has some shirts, tattoos, piercings, and odds and ends …cute little store. She is just starting , it will be interesting to see where she goes with it.

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