Saturday, October 17, 2009

Broken Daisies.

black daisy
between pages pressed
flower memories
of unspoken hopes and dreams
her frail hands holding the faded flowers
now yellowed and fragile with years
black daisy 3
they were broken daisies
held tight
meaning of which
only she could know
hot sweaty hands
releasing their grip
and hope etched
on worried brow
volumes said
in unspoken moments
that suspended between them both
and he turned and
walked away
knowing there would never be
anything more...
it was enough to just have given her
the flowers and his thoughts
and somehow he knew
it all made sense
in a brokenhearted way
black daisy 2
and she knew
those daisies "cost" more
than any flowers ever given her
and none had touched her quite so deep
as those that spoke of lost dreams
and all that might have been

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