Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Butterflies are Free - off the front grill!

Donna Flora Suit 3

So I was riding my motorcycle and ran into a herd of butterflies. This is the look. I am thinking I will go with it. I am not smiling cause some of those little suckers are still caught in my teeth. Not that I smile when I am on the motor cycle - think dog head out the window - kind of exposure ....

Donna Flora Suit 1

The good news is that with all the new hair products ... my hair did not move a mini-cm.!!! You have to try the new Suoer Glue Line - fantastic! And smells like a rain forest.

Donna Flora Suit 2

Anyway you could wear moths and Donna Flora would make it look good. I just like to put her clothes on and walk around and pretend I know something about fashion. It works ... until I open my mouth. You cannot beat her attention to detail, the beauty of her design, nor the incredible sense of textures.

SKIN: [ATOMIC]- Skin_Faith_Honey - Gurl Passion
HAIR: *X*plosion Hair *Kayli*(Platinum Plus) - $360L
EYELASHES: *Cloe Eyelashes* Free Spirit! Pink - No longer available
SUIT: Donna Flora - * Donna Flora * LIV - $350L
BOOTS: Strawberry Layne - .:: TBP ::. Leather Ankle Boot - Black - $45L

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