Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Linc Petite 2

Sometimes life just gives us too many choices. Like when Linc comes out with their Petite dresses and you have a bazillion choices in colour to choose from .. what to do, what to do? I like to hang out on busy street corners and ask people .... "what about this one?" And then I run in and change (ok there were those few arrests for nudity in a public place but once I showed the judge my dilemma .. like what colour should I wear .. he completely understood ... we're dating now ...) Anyways I liked the green one - not best - but that day I had warm, but uncommitted, feelings towards it.

Linc Petite 1

Luckily there was no choice when it came to the jewellery - I knew exactly what I wanted and these pieces from Eolande were perfect!! And who gives you more options in shoes than Lemania? If the colour has been conceived ... she has made it ... there is a special place in heaven for Lemania ... bless her little matching coloured shoe heart ....

Linc Petite 3

I tend to blather on and on with these posts because I know none of you even read what we write for fashion ... you simply look at the pics and maybe the slurls and click. So I could say something like "hey if you happen to im me you could win a date (guys only)" no-one would reply and I choose to believe it is not because no-one wants me ... it is only because none of you read (leave me alone in my illusion). No need to lie here - like with Playboy - you are only looking at the pics ... and saying ..."Ewww ... what the hell was she thinking ... look at that outfit she put together..." OR "Ewww ... look how bad that photo is .. she sucks ..." Heard it all before and you know what .. I still wanna hug you .. come here .. stop running ....

Linc Petite 4

SKIN: Free Speerit - (*FS*) Skin / Kimberly Pale - Night
HAIR: Mirai Style - +*Jule*+.Black&Silver [MS]- $200L
LASHES: Wasabi - /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L
OUTFIT: Luck Inc - *Linc* - Petite Pastel Green - $220L
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Eolande - Stone Halo Jewelry larimar/silver - $375L/$275L
BRACELET: Eolande - Bohemian Chic Bangles turquoise - $300L
SHOES: Lemania - If I Only Had A Heart (Complete Outfit) - $100L

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