Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Designers;

Just a little note from moi to vous to tell you tytytytytytytytyty. I just celebrated my rez day and YOU have made my experience here fabulous. What an honour to have met so many of you and to have been able to see your work and enjoy so much of it! The rich diversity and scope of talent out there is awe inspiring!

I am thrilled every time someone stops me to say they like what I am wearing and even more thrilled to be able to proudly pass on your name and LM to your shop. I know it is not me they are complimenting … it is all YOU! I wish that each of you were paid what you were worth, that we lived in a perfect world where no-one copied or stole. If I could have that for my rez day - life would be complete!!

Anyway - tipping my glass - here is to all of you .. and again .. thank you so much for everything you do to make SL a blast!!

Love and Kisses
Bliss Windlow

(oh and if some of you could lift those restraining orders you took out against me .. you know therapy would help with your fear of commitment …..we could be good together … lol)
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