Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drive By "Shooting" #4. Whinter Paine.

I have decided to do "Drive By Shootings" of the photographic kind. Every day I see people who catch my eye with their fashion and "look" and I thought I would celebrate some of those. These people are unaware that I am taking their photo - nothing is staged - just them being them and me being damn presumptive. The world at its best. I share these here.

Whinter Paine

Whinter Paine is an evolving look - eclectic and funky you never get the same thing twice. I actually know Whinter, met her when I first started and boy didn't she show me the ropes (actually we jumped over them, used them to tie people up, got arrested a couple of times and even broke into Linden Labs office and danced on their conference table (peer pressure I just went along unknowingly).

When I saw her yesterday she was just too cute to pass up so here she is. There is another photo of the complete outfit here. If you like what you see IM her and ask. This is what she does best, fixes fashion victims one at a time, teaching, showing, loving you into your splendiforous glory!!

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