Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drive By "Shooting" #5. Tillies Paine.

I have decided to do "Drive By Shootings" of the photographic kind. Every day I see people who catch my eye with their fashion and "look" and I thought I would celebrate some of those. These people are unaware that I am taking their photo - nothing is staged - just them being them and me being damn presumptive. The world at its best. I share these here.

Tillies Paine

I saw Tillies Paine, waiting for things to rez and was struck by her presence. She seemed to me to be a strong woman ... sure of herself ... beutifully confident. I loved her look, the tattoos that were still feminine, the simple t-shirt and comfy pants - as if she did not care much what she wore ... and yet contradicted by the earrings. She was all woman and yet not a stereotype, and not swayed by the fashion dictates that call to so many of us. I liked her. I wanted to know her.

Her profile reveals a woman who embraces love and life and looks forward to new adventures. It sucks sometimes that we only get fleeting moments of one another. I have a feeling we could have talked for hours.

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