Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hot Pink Strawberry!

Hot Pink 3a

Hot Pink 4a

I held onto these boots waiting for something extra special to wear them with a voila ... the smoking hot sweater dress from Fishy Strawberry! I was luck to get one that had not been tried on already by one of the infinite numbers of women with much better cleavage .. that now jiggles ... or mine might have been a bit saggy in that area. This fits perfectly. This colour was scored at $50L Friday but there are lots of colours to choose from in store.

Hot Pink 2a

hot pink a
DRESS: Fishy Strawberry - Cuddle Maxipull - Hot Pink - $50L (Special) Other colours -$235L
BOOTS: Freyr Blades - Black Boot With Pink Bow Display - - Freebie Gift
EARRINGS: U&R Dogs - +*R*+: Queen Pierced Earrings - $1L
SKIN: Samsara - Sophia Skin 02
HAIR: Bishwear - DBS - DanieBlack - $249L
LASHES: Obscene - Lashes included with skins

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