Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the Groove Baby!

Groovie 1

When life sneaks up on you and says ... "hey, you beautiful fashionista you .... wanna dance?" You not only accept ... you let it allllll hang out ..... and that is exactly what this dress from AV Vlodovic makes me want to do. Life and I ... we been datin' .. kinda... for some time now .... and what a great dancer!!!

Groovie 2

Life's funny like that .. you head down a lonely country road and suddenly it is a party with me, myself and I .. the best company and you just let go ....

....and then the nice men in the white coats come and give you a lift ... swell ....

DRESS: AV VLODOVIC VLODOVIC - 60's Grovvie Dress Gray - $175L
NECKLACE S : Lemania Indigo - She's Wild and Crazed Flapper - $1L each part of outfits
BOOTS: Bax Coen Designs – BAX Prestige Boots - $875L
SKIN: Firefall - Sofian Rose 2
HAIR: AnalogDog – Endra Black- $350L
LASHES: Von Ducky - Gorgeous Lashes - $25L

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