Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Red Red Red!!

Heart n Soul 1

I thought this " red short dress" is probably one of the most appropriate named outfits seen in SL Fashion. It is red. It is short. It is a dress. I love that it comes with the thigh high boots. This is the outfit I am wearing to the next business meeting I am asked to attend. I think it has the subtle undertone of "take me serious .. I am all about business here." AND red is a power colour!!!

Heart n Soul 2

Hair has to be all over the place out of control and I thought Tukinowaguma answered that call perfectly!!! Both hair and outfit are a lot of bang for your dollar and well worth it.

DRESS AND BOOTS - Heart n' Soul - red short dress - $150L
HAIR: Tukinowaguma - Blackheat Cloth Gold - $300L
LASHES: [Detour]- Drama Lashes
SKIN: Glance- Doutzen- Red

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