Thursday, October 22, 2009

Through the Bubble.

blue bubbles

Studio hanging ... it is a little bit like spelunking in caves only not as dark. (well unless you turn the lights all off and close your eyes kind of and squint a bit ...) That's what I was doing here ... throw on an oversized shirt/jacket from Ce Cubic (pretend it was left here from one of my many boyfriends .. hahahahaha) put on a beret and talk French to the walls, put on my glasses, throw on some ripped jeans ... voila ... the artist in angst ... (waiting for the emotion huds to add "artistic angst" .. feel free to just put your face into an angst pose and project ...)

Blue Bubbles 2

JACKET: Ce Cubic effect - Suede half coat(White)- $385L
TSHIRT: Angelic couture - free gift**2
JEANS: Lestat Reuven-Sexy Shiney - $100L
FLIP FLOPS: With Sugar On Top Patchwork - S.O.S Hunt Flippy Flops Beaches Blue
SKIN: Pulse Skin - Timeless II - Makeup 3
HAIR: TRUTH Hair - Morgan Dark Browns - $225L
GLASSES: BareRose - ::: B@R ::: Glasses SE - $50L

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