Friday, October 2, 2009

A Whole Lot of Bull!!

bull 3

This story is a lot of bull. See the big black thing?? Nodding … a whole lot of bull! This is me talking to bull …. I was saying things like "nice bull," "my you look handsome today," and "here bully bully bully … want some nice oats?" The bull did not say much, kind of snorted a lot and looked at me with those shifty eyes.

bull 1

So I got on top of the bull to get a picture and we were still chatting you know .. In a kind of bovine sort of way …. (yes I speak fluent bovine … it helps when dealing with some of my fellow co-workers) and then I sort of got carried away and started to hoot and holler and cheer and jump up and down … just like I have seen on tv … and um … then I kinda …. um... bucked myself off … and the bull lowered its head and its' eyes got realllllll slitty like, and it snorted, and steam came out of its nostrils, and it was pawing at the ground kinda like the kitty does in the kitty litter box but with more .. um … enthusiasm … so … I …..

bull 4


bull 2

And then this guy who saw me laughed and um ya … I dusted off my ass and stood around trying to look cool .. like we planned it all … I kinda laughed and said .. "haha, good one right? I planned that you know, me and the bull … professionals you know …. Big time fashionista … probably heard of me right?? Bliss, the beautiful fashionista? No? Oh …" and I was so grateful that I had this great outfit from Drac! (Garela) on because it really looks awesome and sexy and it is perfect for bull riding with an edge - check out all the buckles and stuff … I love the texture of the jacket - and you know what??? $5L!!!

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