Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes M'am!

Yes M'am

More Red Leather and this one comes with a whip - however I was banned from using it on account of the fact it just made me really scary and they said something about a "lethal weapon" and "poor emotional control" and "danger to society."

Yes M'am 2

This dress comes in different lengths and the tail skirt is a great idea for drama and effect - I like to sweep into a room and take out a few people when I turn on the stairs .... Very Smexy!!

Yes M'am 3

DRESS: Sascha's Designs - SAS - Boo Red - $249L
EARRINGS: *Dark Mouse* - Abstract Extravaganza Set - $300L
BRACELET: Artistry - Plat & leather (quad) - hunt gift
SHOES: Alegria Designs - Silver Chained pumps Black - $50L (special)
SKIN: Fishy Strawberry - Skin Daphne - Cappuccino Bronze
HAIR: Vanity Hair - !VA! Cordelia blond - $200L
LASHES: Obscene - Lashes included with skins

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