Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Atomic Bambi - Lana.

Atomic Bambi - Lana

3 Skin Tones

Atomic Bambi comes in 3 skin tones - Pale, Sunblush and Tan. This is the first time that I have not been able to immediately decide on a skin tone. Usually one skin tone pops more with the make-ups but not with this line - they are all impressive.

1 to 3 colours

4 and 5

The line has 5 make-ups to chose from - the normal are the Allure (shown in first picture in this blog), Frost, Olive, Pure and Siren. She has also done a special for LeLook that is only available at that store. All these make-ups are different and stand out well giving you real choices and different moods.

Gloss 2

Gloss 1

Your next choice in each make-up is between regular or blush with the plain or with the freckle skin.


You can see how well done the freckles are and they show up on all the skin tones. This is definitely a skin I will be wearing and enjoying! Oh and I am wearing eyelashes in the photos.

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