Wednesday, November 18, 2009

B & T Fashion.

Apricot Swirl 2

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to find something really spectacular. When you walk into a store for the first time and you can feel the energy and you look around and see clothes that immediately catch your eye and then hold your imagination ... you have found something special!! This is the magic that is B & T Fashionland. Chic skins is also there and was a recent find for me at the Vogue Skin fair. To disover these designers are not known well, and they are all together, working and inspiring one another is ... just exciting.

Apricot Swirl 4

This outfit "Swirly Black Apricot" comes with 24 pieces for $450L. I just played around and came up with a few permutations. I love that this is not your standard offering but provides you with so many subtle AND dynamic choices. The boots are also hers but made by her partner and go for $349L. There are so many great options in the store for boots you just have to go and see.

Apricot Swirl 5

The sim and the stores are a great visit, well done, funky, different and you seem to just keep discovering another little pocket with more great buys - there are lots of freebies and deals ... so worth the visit. I will be featuring many more of their outfits over the next while but trust me ... this is one group that you will want to check out. Stop the cloning here and become and individual ... it is more fun that way!!!

Apricot Swirl 1

Also want to mention new hair for me - Simply Britnee and More - Brit Realidad - $200L. That is for every colour!!! She has put out some really cute hair styles over the past couple of weeks which I will be wearing in some of my upcoming posts but again, great value for your dollar with tons of options.

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