Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chic inc. - Colette

Chic inc. from the 2nd Vanity Universe Skin Fair - Colette

So many great skins at the fair and I have to thank those designers so willing to share their work so that we can blog it. There are always lots of things I would like to blog but the Winslow bank does have its limits, so thank you, thank you designers for recognizing that!!

Chic inc

Chic inc is another new to me skin designer and again, liking what I see. The palette for make-ups is quite well done and the lipsticks are very pretty.

chic 1 set

There is just a hint and a smattering of freckles in these .. enough to be interesting without overwhelming the face.

chic 2 set

I don't blog shapes but I have to say I thought the shape for this skin was really cute and well done - definitely worth a look.

chic 3 set

I am not a skin expert by any means and certainly don't have the designer background or understanding to tell you whether it is perfect or not. I don't particularly use a magnifying glass when I look at a skin - not my own or others. Unless something stands out and really is obvious - I am oblivious to the finer points. I look for whether it works with my shape. I look for whether it has something compelling about it - which could translate to interesting, funky, pretty ... hard to put a finger on. Symmetry matters to me, unless the lack of it adds to the overall look and is intended.

I like this skin. I intend to wear it. If I blog a skin, I wear it and use it. If I don't blog a skin, it is probably because it is not my cup of tea, unless I can see that it looks great on someone else - then am happy to blog them in it.

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