Monday, November 9, 2009



Fall into Decay - is that some kind of description for the aging process? Because I had to have fallen .. I sure wouldn't have jumped ....or someone slipped something into my drink!! All I know is that I walked by the mirror this morning .. took one look at myself and stopped in shock!! How the hell did THIS happen??

My hubby said, "Don't look at me ..."

Which prompted a whole fight about it is always about him and who is looking at him anyway??? Pffffft.


But this dress captured my whimsy ... which evidently is not as "taut" as it once used to be ... and I had to have it. I wanted to either run barefoot through flowers with streaming hair or just contradict myself all over the place. You can play a game and guess which one I chose .... the hint is in the foot gear ....


Uptight, casual, city, country, work, play, woman, child ... I am all those things and more and this outfit was just an exploration of that ... oh and if any of you make a crack about not being able to see much of the child anymore .. well ... pffft, pffft and pffft and I am asking Honour to make a doll of you so you can apologize ... dramatically ... over and over again before I set fire to you ....


SKIN: Fishy Strawberry - Skin Jacqueline - Cappuccino - Pitch
HAIR: Truth - Deanne - Black - $225L
LASHES: Wasabi: Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L
DRESS: Fall Into Decay - A-01-black - $80L
BRACELETS: Total Betty - Ricky's Bangles - hunt gift??
Earrings: JE Republic - Star Flower Earring-B&W Stripe - $50L
BOOTS: Zero Number - Wo Boots (w/resize scripts) - $ 500L
LEGGINGS: Mix And Match - sheer sock, pesley print - November Group Gift!!

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