Monday, November 16, 2009

Eolicky in Red Red Red!!

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Eolicky Baxbrucky Tulouse

redcoat 8

You start with Tuli's new skin Bella and the possibilities are endless. Take a good look at this skin, it is really beautiful and I have noticed how incredibly different it looks on everyone who has posted pics using it. The red lips in this skin are what won me over - the skin could hold its own with the coat.

Dark Mouse has some great hair and many other things besides the jewellery - so worth taking a look and I loved this cute little style Trish - it has some very fine little loose hairs around the bun that make it really endearing and $100L??? Shut-up!!!

redcoat 9

Ahhhh Nicky Ree ... I think there is a field just behind her shop where all the women avi's of SL gather in one huge love fest ... they dance and weave flowers in their hair, smoke pot, bare their breasts and have love-ins ... all for Nicky Ree ... um .. no .. wait a minute .. that was earlier .. the seventies ... memories can be so confusing ....

Big sale, I ran, I grabbed ... this was my first choice. I adore this outfit. I wore it to bed .. twice ... it didn't even wrinkle. My Avi looked as fab the next morning as she did when I said good night and tucked her in!! (hey Nicky you should be advertising your clothes as "wrinkle free" and watch those sales go through the roof!!)

Redcoat 2

Eolande - cannot say enough about them. Have taken some time recently to really look at their things and I have to say I am in love with their Jewellery. This set is so amazing - what I have not shown is that the necklac drapes down the back beautifully for those lovely backless gowns when you would like something delicately dramatic without sacrificing the front details with some huge piece. AND the stone in the middle of this changes colour as do the earrings. There are a couple of choices of earring styles ... you have to really go look at the pics in the store - fabulous work!!

Redcoat 3

Ohh and how fabulous is the free photograph and studio mall? I want to marry that guy/woman ... are they available .. hook me up someone ...

SKIN: Tuli - Bella - Fair
HAIR: Dark Mouse - Trish - Pale Blonde - $100L
LASHES: Von Ducky - Gorgeous Lashes - $25L
OUTFIT: Nicky Ree - Lady Divine - On Sale $300L
BOOTS: Bax Coen Designs - BAX Prestige Boots - BLACK Leather - $875L
GLOVES: Ambergris - Heart's Blood Gloves - Hunt Gift
JEWELLERY: Eolande's - Pearls and Back Drop Necklace - $300L earrings - $800L Necklace
LOCATION AND POSES: Free Photograph Studio and Mall

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