Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Fitting Tribute.

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Rematchande Bandsing Silicobody

Mix and Match Bonita 2

So much about all of this that I am really liking. First the skin ... this is new from Mix and Match - called Bonita and I think it goes perfect with this outfit. This skin is all about the lips for Manis Lane.

Mix and Match Bonita 7

Redgrave's hair which I found thanks to GoGo is really special. I hope Redgrave has another go at hair design if this is an example of what she can do. I know she insists there is already so much hair talent already out there, and I do agree .. but come on .. this is great ....

Mix and Match Bonita 4

Eolande's Paris Jewelery is beeeeeautiful and the set is priced well. I think it is perfect for this dress. I can't say much more about B&G shoes .. certainly one of the more talented shoe designers out there and the prices are also excellent. I never have any problems matching skin or dealing with the hud.

Mix and Match Bonita 9

Phoenix Rising's tribute to Coco Chanel is exceptional. I removed the longer part of the dress and went for the short version. I like it with the hair.

Mix and Match Bonita 3

Insilico West is amazing but very tough to get pictures there ... crashed a bazillion times. One pic and crash, one pic and crash .. so look .. but no piccy's ... such a shame ...

Mix and Match Bonita 6

SKIN: Mix and Match - Bonita Tan
HAIR: RedGrave - Sakura Curly Bob - $150L
DRESS: Phoenix Rising-Coco Chanel Tribute - $480L
JEWELERY: Eolande's - Paris Jewelry -$3000L for entire HUGE set or can buy separates
POSES: Behaviour Body
LOCATION: Insilico West

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