Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flash ... I am Dancing!!!

Cynful Dance-a-licious Jumpers 1

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for Outfit: Cylicious Adopx Glomi LaGiqueshop.

So I got this cool review copy of Cynful's Dance-a-licious or "Cylicious" which I immediatley put on and once I got over the disappointment that the leeleetards (leotards) had no ruffles on the bum .... I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door ... I was going to be a dancer!!!

Cynful Dance-a-licious Jumpers 2

I got to class and the teacher told me to line up at the bar - had to shove some of those darn little 4 and 5 year olds out of the way ... talk about barhogs ... cheesh ... put a little bit of toile on someone and they think they are some kind of "prima doona" (yes I know that is a bed cover ...l with it ok ... it is not a spelling error .. think about it ... )

Cynful Dance-a-licious Jumpers 3

Anyway at first the teacher said I showed promise (well she said on the phone that I should come and pay her exorbitantly high fee as older students often show great promise) and then 5 minutes after I got there and took out the prima ballerina cause no-one told me we could all be butterflies and I thought I should eliminate the competition - who knew 5 year olds could be so tough? Well it was actually more than 5 minutes after I got there but I was not counting the 1.4 seconds it took for her to get my money. So she said I showed great promise .... and then ... she showed me the door .... no refunds ...

Cynful Dance-a-licious Jumpers 4

So now I just hang out in the dancing gear at Starbucks in dance pose #1 and talk about how they said I showed great promise at one point ... was going to be a huge star .. probably dance with the Bullshit Ballet ... but then .. due to creative differences ... I had to go ... I will not be compromised ....

SKIN: PXL Creations - Grace Nat SmokeEyes WineLips
LASHES: Glow Studio - Rhapsody - Swirl - $100L
EARRINGS and NECKLACE: Chuculet - ysa - necklace and earrings - $1L
HAIR BOW: Fumi - ribbon - free
BRACELET: LaGyo - Stripes Bangle - $1L
OUTFIT: [ Cynful ] - Dance-a-licious Jumper ~ Red - $400L
SHOES: ~Ztique~ - Viva La Gigi, Black (Box)- $275L
PURSE: Creamshop - Madrid - Leather weave bag (Black)- $299L

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