Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Speerits Dark Cyn (hehe)...

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Freeukiwear DarkCynGirls NiqiyaFreeOlive

Free Speerits Dark Cyn (hehe) 1

Free Speerit is back and I am really feeling the new skin Fiona. I actually try to wear other skins but I keep putting this one back on .... sometimes you just gotta do what your fingers make you do .. I call it Typobullying and I am scared of my fingers when they do it so I just go along with it and completely abdicate myself from any reasonable responsibility for my actions .... that would actually be my legal defense in the possibility that I might do something really bad ... Typobullying ... I am a victim .. but a survivor .... (making the t-shirt now...)

Free Speerits Dark Cyn (hehe) 3

Very fond of the new Cynful corsetted overalls - love the eyelet lace top ... and all I can say is finally some overalls an ex-farm girl can support. Check. Check. (don't you just love this time of the year with all the baking and the really good excuse to open up the brandy at 6 AM and why your breath smells like you have been drinking.... all the great cooks taste their food ... constantly ... several times .. just in case ....)

Free Speerits Dark Cyn (hehe) 2

And I have never loved Mice as much as I do right now. Make mine dark and sparkly ... so liking this jewellery from Dark Mouse ... Mouse Mimistrollbell has taken out a restraining order against me ... I did apologize ....and promised not to follow her in the tree anymore ....

Bishwear - Reanna - $249L
Chaisuki - lashes 23 - $98L
Cynful -Corset Overall - Bisque Black - $400L
Dark Mouse - Reversal of Fortune - $400L

BRACELET: Dark Mouse - Twisted Bangle - Silver - $200L (part of set)
B&G - Melody - Negro - $350L
Niqotine, Izumiya, Olive Juice
Free Photograph Studio and Mall

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