Sunday, November 8, 2009

GeEs Designs - Australia Line.

GeEs Designs Skins from the 2nd Vanity Universe Skin Fair - Australia line.

These skins are new to me and I quite liked them. They are a little different and they have some amazing darker shades well worth taking a look at. I do not want to do these skins, nor any of the others at the skin fair a disservice by making them look less than they deserve. I have said it before and I will say it again. Dark skinned women are incredibly beautiful and built quite different to my silly little avi. When it is done right, it is out of this world and I have not yet figured out completely how to do that. Please check out the designers at this skin fair, the variety and amount of skin shadings are probably some of the most diverse I have seen and they are done very well. Please do not take offense that I am unable to show all of the skins. I am just one little blogger with obvious limits.

Having said that, GeEs Designs offers their skins from different countries and different areas in those countries. I chose Australia but there are others ... here is my take on these skins.

1st 3

2nd 3

3rd 3

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