Monday, November 30, 2009

I Wanna Be A Bridge ... COME ON OVER!!!

I Wanna Be A Bridge ..

I wanna be a bridge - please someone walk on me - hitch up the horses, load the kids and the camping gear and drive that puppy over me!!

I want to blog different, unusual, unheard of things. I want to blog new designers - my only rule is that I like it. I won't blog something just 'cause someone gave it to me if I can't see something in it that speaks to me.

Seems like there are two groups - there are those bloggers who are starting out or still trying to get established and there are new and unknown designers … maybe we should have a meet and greet … come-on down folks, fill out this little card and we will match you up.

PULLLLLLLEASE contact me. If I am not feeling your clothes I can probably pass you on to someone who will. Not that my tastes are anything special and don't take it as rejection … it is just my taste. Ice cream is great but we all like different flavours - does not take away from the ice cream one bit. The fact I like liver marshmallow ice cream .. hey … just me …

I try to let people know when I love their clothes but I don't know everyone and everything (contrary to that report card comment my grade three teacher made about me …)

CONTACT ME … I am sitting by the IM machine waiting to take your calls NOW. I can even tell you what I am wearing in a whispery sexy voice … CALL ME!!!

OH … and call me .. talk to me .. people I don't bite … I am soooo over myself I sometimes call me "rash" … no drama here … just a lowly CanAustraladian trying to do my bit ...
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