Monday, November 2, 2009


I will be supporting the collective actions of those in SL who are standing up on NOV 5th - for 48 hours - to protest content theft. I will NOT be blogging anything on those days, nor purchasing or uploading.

Fashion and shopping is an integral part of my SL experience. I do not want any more designers to pack their bags and leave, nor do I want the nature of this environment to change. There is not a lot that I personally can do to support these people and the losses they have experienced of which the money is only a part. I hate that in this climate of unknown and chaos there are accusations and witch hunts going on. I hate that there is much more misinformation than facts and that the average person is left confused.

If we as bloggers do not suppport the designers, why should anyone else? This is a time where our example is greatly needed. We are the bridge between. I can stand and be counted. They have asked. I will stand.
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