Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's Pretend Being Out In The Snow Looks This Fab (you start while I chip icicles off my nose).

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: AtomicBelloon ByZuraltellaa Luckiorbound

Luck Inc 2

Wouldn't it be cool if "hanging" on a winter day you could stand around and look this hot? No No ... you warm climate people ... this is only in the movies and in the fashion pages. Real world you have 83 bundles of layers of feather eiderdown quilts strapped to your body. You give up beauty and form for ... ummm ... living through the coldest day of your life ..... Those bulges in the pocket area are not evidence of a different gender, nor are they saddle bags ... hot potatoes folks ... the only way to go .... well at least keep the vital organs warm while your arms, legs, nose and any other protruding parts freeze and fall off.

Luck Inc 3

I put together two items from Luck Inc with these super warm boots from Stellar. In real life the wet would have seeped through, turned to ice, a shard broke off, shot into your foot and you and your nearest and dearest Eskimo friends would be gnawing off your foot to leave it behind ... sruvival ... that's what it is all about....

Luck Inc 4

Okay now that I have ruined this completely for you with my little memory trip down the Canada lane .... heading out for a swim in the pool ... gee whiz it is freaking hot here ....

Luck Inc 1

SKIN: AtomicBambi - Sara
HAIR: booN - FKO548 hair black - $200L
LASHES: Belleza Lashes - Free
EARRINGS: ByKay - Silver Hoops - Gift
BRACELET: Jewelry Creations By Zuri Rayma - Double Silver Beaded Bracelet - $125L
BELT - MALT - Leather Belt - Gift
PANTS: *Luck inc* Wool Panty Gray - $80L
SWEATER: *Luck inc* Sweaterdress Bulgarian Rose - $250L
BOOTS: [Stellar] Kenai Boots - Charcoal - $350L
POSES: Behavior Body
LOCATION: Spellbound Woods

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