Monday, November 30, 2009

New Male AO - Motion Capture.

BehaviorBody has just release its first full AO for males. It is made with Motion Capture and is as smooth as smooth can be. Even the standing motions are fantastic. It comes in 3 different versions. Go get your guy one for Christmas and you will actually want to take him places in the New Year! Everyone will be saying ... "Hey, who is that smooth, suave, handsome (ok false advertising .... the AO doesn't actually MAKE him more handsome but without his finger up his nose he will SEEM more attractive) .. who is that smooth, suave, handsome, debonaire dude with the gorgeous fashionista??" And you can toss your head and look in his direction and say ... "what??? that old thing????" You get the drift.

Go Now ... BehaviorBody at Baiastice.

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