Friday, November 13, 2009

The Obscene.

The Obscene from the 2nd Vanity Universe Skin Fair.


The Obscene Skins - great skins and great store. I was mesmerized with these and could not wait to try all of them. These are the 4 skin tones available.

Shana Tones

There are gift packs at the fair AND at her store. She has various versions of the vampire lines - slit necks no blood, slit necks with blood, blood on lips, etc AND she also has a very unique wet skin that has the body splashed with water - very nice.

Make-ups Set 1

Make-up Set 2

Make-ups Set 3

I found her skin tones to be really great and the make-ups beautifully done. She has a good sense of colour palette and you are not left wondering why she put THAT lipstick with that eyeshadow. There is so much variety here, it is hard to believe that everyone wouldn't find something. AND her store is amazing - so well done - very very artistic woman .. love her style and her flare.

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