Monday, November 2, 2009

On Track.



So on Saturday, couldn't find the park, or George ... realized I had the wrong day and was so confused as to where I was supposed to be and didn't even know which side of the tracks was the bad side ... I just stood my ground. Can you say "deer caught in the headlights??"

I loved this look ... sophisticated relaxed or "sophlaxed" as I like to call it. And who better to support that kind of look than SySy? The colour combinations and the sophlaxed lines of their new Lloa pants and Tweedy tops are terrific. I have removed the collar - well technically the scarf removed the collar but I could have put it back .... I liked it.


Oh .. and I would hug Lara for coming back to SL and delighting us with her skins (and new lines whoot!!) but there is a whole thing going around about stalking designers and I think my name was on the list (evidently some designers want you to wait until their girlfriends die before you talk to them - see SL Secrets for details)


SKIN: Lara Skins - Diana Gray
HAIR: Mix And Match – hair style 11 black - $240L fatpack or $80L each
LASHES: MaDesigns - Ball Lashes - $100L
EARRINGS: Dryad Designs - Tiger Eye Earrings - $1L hunt prize
BRACELET: Flirt - Bloom Jasper - $350L
PURSE: Mix And Match - Vintage Clutch - $50L
SCARF: Lemania - WS Amber - $100L (part of outfit)
PANTS: SYSY - Lloa pants brown - $125L
TOP: SYSY - Tweedy the tops red - $250L (worn minus the collar)
SHOES: Donna Flora - Black Shoes - $50L

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