Thursday, November 12, 2009

Polka-ing with Dot.

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Cecupcik SlinkOmbra GliterPoGlow

Dotted 2

If I could have found some black and white fruit I would have glue gunned it to the head wrap and juggled it at the same time OR I could have stood amidst a herd of Holstein Cows ... but I was afraid I might get confused again and accidentally glue gun one of those puppies to the head wrap ... last time that happened the farmer was not that impressed with me, SL, or my need for fashion perfection ....

Dotted 1

I fell in love with this outfit from Terra D'Ombra the first time I saw it and there are many positives to cleaning out your inventory - finding things you forgot are one of them - case in point. (what is a case of "in points" anyway and can you buy just one? instead of the whole case lot?)

Dotted 4

Anyway I really hope you like this look and you have fun with it ... I have to go .. Aunt Jemima just found out I have her head wrap and she is pissed .... wait until she sees all the pancake batter I got on it ... YIKES!!

Dotted 3

SKIN: *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Copper - Moonlight
EYELASHES: PULSE - Diva Eyelashes - $100L
HEAD WRAP: Ce Cubic - Bohemian Glow - Black - $240L
DRESS: Terra D'ombra - JALOUSIE - $650L
SHOES: SLink - Fifi Pumps - $500L
EARRINGS: Opium Wear -Silver Earrings - No longer available
POSES: Striking Poses - Amy Lee Dollarbie Poses
EverGlow - Model 031, 076 $40L individual, $320L Fatpacks
Gliteratti - 004 - Group Pose packs BIG SALE - $100L (10L per pose)
LOCATION: Bliss Photographic Studios

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