Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rain Rain Rain.

elymode tuxedo 1

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Elikawode Cellypub Lelutikstry

elymode tuxedo 2

It was raining that day and I forgot my umbrella - and I knew enough to come in out of the rain but why? It is not like to get wet in the rain in SL. It just looks great .... in fact I regularly walk underwater and not a hair is out of place ....this is the test of a true fashionista ... not unlike the princess and the pea .. that great story of human mastery that shaped my life ....

elymode tuxedo 3

Elymode has this great "Tuxedo" series that is quite versatile. You can buy the whole set or just the pieces you like. Adding and removing the shirt creates two different moods. I like the fit and the lines of this - especially that the shirt did not go for the usual collar and buttons but instead follows the lines of the vest.

elymode tuxedo 4

Sawode is a new skin designer to me and quite like this skin. The Body Politik - great boots for the price and Artistry by E. - love the bronze bracelet. I don't often go red but I like the overall mood and feel of this and the style of the ETD hair is perfect.

SKIN: *Sawode* - Desire Tan Skin Makeup 5
HAIR: ETD Elika Tiramisu Designs - Sofia (Naturals 1 Pack) - $75L
LASHES: Celestial Studios - Deviant Lashes - $50L
OUTFIT: *elymode* - tuxedo shirt - $165L - Tuxedo vest - $150L Tuxedo pants - $190L
EARRINGS: JE Republic - Star Flower Earring - $50L
BRACELET: Artistry by E - Bronze Bracelet
PURSE: LeLutka -SACK bag/black $275L
SHOES: The Body Politik - Leather Ankle Boot - Cocoa - $45L

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