Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sara by AtomicBambi

Sara Pure

Sara Vamp

Sara Shy

AtomicBambi was a new skin out - Sara. AtomicSparkle Skytower has a great eye and a real sense of what she is doing with her skins. Her make-ups are beautifully applied without ever looking garrish. There is variety in every grouping she has produced and every skin type affords the same difference in make-ups. Sometimes the shadings in the make-ups are so subtle that it is very difficult to see any difference between them - which is always disappointing when you have purchased a fatpack. Sometimes you are aware of only shadings or shaping in the eyes but no real colour, OR the make-ups will pop in one skin type, but be lost in the others. This is not true with AromicBambi Skins.

I really like Sara and I cannot wait to see what AtomicSparkle comes up with next. Fascinating lady!!

Sara Siren

Sara Rose

Sara RokStarr
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