Monday, November 23, 2009

Such a Glamour Pants! (not to be confused with "Smarty.")

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Mr.SukiDoll B&Tixco Sillapad


It has been a long time since I bought a pair of pants and then designed an outfit around them. These Glamour Pants from B&T are incredibly beautiful - you really have to put them on to appreciate them. I was thinking they would be amazing on the dance floor and was going to try and sneak in under some disco ball and dance my pants off but the restraining orders against me strictly prohibit removing clothes on public ... they told me if I do it again ... well those church people just have no sense of humour...


All I was trying to do was to get them to loosen up a bit .. be free .. you know? Anyway ... you could take these pants dancing and let me know and I could live victoriously through you ... (I would say vicariously but that has the root word VICAR in it and I am also restrained from referring to any member of the clergy in public places - eveidently they are only big on DEFERring ... as in give up your entire life savings and your free mind ....) Oh pulllease don't write me nasty letters dad is a minister ..... we have to laugh at ourselves ... everyone else is .. heh!!


Chaisuki Skin again - beeeeautiful!! Top by PixelDolls perfect colour - love the plays on the greens and the blues. All in all ... I look shhhhhmassssshhhhing!

SKIN: Chaisuki - Gina - Absinthe
HAIR: Mr. Sigmund - Malice - $150L
LASHES: Chaisuki - comes with Skins
TOP: PixelDolls - Ocean 2811 Vivante - $10L
PANTS: B & T Fashionland - Glamour Pants - $199L (whole outfit)
SHOES: SIMco - Alice Heels - Hunt Gift
BRACELET: Mix and Match - Boho Dichroic Glass Braceletes - $75L
CHOKER: Silk and Satyr - Impassioned II Blue Hearts Collar - Hunt Gift
EARRINGS: Dryad Designs - Opal Madness Earrings - Hunt Gift
LOCATION: Bliss Windlow Photographic Studios

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