Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twas The Night Before Winterstock (well it was when I wrote this and I was protesting so you get it now ....)

'Twas the night before Winterstock, when all through the land
some bloggers weren't blogging, to make a great stand.
We were supporting designers against content theft
but no shopping for two days? Hell … I was bereft ...
I sat at my 'puter and started to shake
not knowing how long this withdrawal would take.
I put on my mittens, my scarf, and a coat
and hit the tp and I started to float.
I magically landed at Winterland White
and cheered up a little at the tinsel and lights

Winterfest 2

I stood with my friend, Carrot nose Joe
when we heard someone shouting, "Watch out below!"
We cast our eyes upward from whence the noise came
and saw three weird figures playing some game.
They stood on the rooftop and were pointing below
as Joe and I watched them in the soft evening glow.
No Santa, nor Reindeer, nor even a sleigh
It was the Christmas Designers, right there on display!
And Joe and I blinked, and spoke not a word,
no-one would believe what we both saw and heard.

Winterfest 3

One woman was pointing and shouting and such
And the other kept shooting lightning bolts out her butt.
The man, he just stood there with his arms straight out
and the women kept laughing and dancing about.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear
But a funny cigarette and some really good beer!
The more that we smoked and the more that we drank
the further we fell into the snow bank!
And up on the roof where those three were creating
they were laughing and snorking and even debating.
It seemed like for hours, strange things would appear
but I can't say for sure … maybe it was the beer...
or maybe they really were working quite late
for the Winterstock party, so it would great!
And then, in a twinkling, I saw such great things
Like dresses, and shoes, and costumes, and rings.
And I started to cry and Joe held me tight.
He said I would just have to wait 2 more nights
And I wasn't comforted so I punched him real hard
And cursed at the heavens and threw-up in the yard
And the three on the roof, seemed magically dear
As they"poofed" and another great buy would appear
And I swore I would be back to Winterstock soon
With thousands of Lindens and a whole afternoon.
I waved at the trio as I flew out of sight,
Unable to stay without shopping that night.
And I can't say for sure but as I flew by
I'm sure one of them wiped a small tear from their eye
They could feel my great pain, and they cared that I care
And I know they are making more bargains to share
And when I come back they will give me a deal
It will be amazing, I know it, and feel
that they treasured my coming, my sharing the night
Cause I'm a fashionista, such a wonderous delight
And even though no-one will believe that I saw
Designers on the roof, creating in the raw
I will hold my head high, once the withdrawal shakes stop
And know that I saw them up on the roof top.
So once this whole protest is over and done ..
head over to Winterstock, don't walk … you must RUN!!
The place is a magical winter wonderland
And the items for sale are way beyond grand
And look for my friend ,Carrot nose Joe
And share a beer and a toke, and who knows
if you really believe in designers …. you see ...
you might even see them - those magical three.

Winterfest 1

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