Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whinter Rain. A Tale of Beauty and Profound Revelations for the Serious (and sometimes complaining) Fashion Follower.

Whinter Rain 2

Cutey Patooooootey Whinter Paine showed up in my studio the other day raining all over my parade. So I set my glockenspiel down and had to snap some piccys!!! She was raving on and on about the new skin shop she found and showed me some of their fab hair which also looked incredible on her so off we ran to DrLife. (in the interest of journalistic honesty I didn't actually run, I didn't even jog in place at my desk .... I hit a couple of keys and suddenly and magically appeared there ...)

Whinter Rain 3

Now for the educational portion of our broadcast .... There is no denying that the skins and the hair look incredible on her. In fact, these are probably the nicest skins I have seen on her HOWEVER when I tried them on ... they looked awful on me... same thing with the hair. No photo manipulation, no anything, just put them on and she looked fabulous, I looked .. funny. NOW both Whinter and I have great shapes and know how to manipulate them. There is just no getting around the fact that not everything you see is going to look as great on you as it does in the pics you see. THAT is why you must demo skins and shapes first before you buy.

Whinter Rain 1

I often look at some of the funky things she wears and wish I could get the same look but I don't. She says she often looks at me and wishes the same. We certainly share everything - where we get things, etc. - but - we are different. As are we all, despite the fact we can buy the exact same thing. Funny how the slightest variations can make all the difference in the world.

Whinter Rain 4

Here is Whinters info on what she is wearing - any questions - IM her - she loves to talk and to help out!!! (Whinter Paine)

*Epic* Daisy Fae parasol in purple ( rain on), *epic* Poshie Babydoll dress (fog) ,
*Miss 80's* Crow Queens necklace, LMK - Crow heels, hermony eyes herbs,
DrLife Skin Mixedblood Xiu - tanned- 0, Modd. G hair - Johanna (deisgners' unight - crowing night)
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