Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whoa WoE!

Mix And Match 3

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for Outfit: Yumbi WODO Toparkix.

WoE has just released these great jeans that are a blend of shadings and colurings as well as being a great fit. Provides some distinctive WOW factor for those days when you are just hanging. So someone will come up to you and say, "WHOA - where did you get those jeans man?" And you answer, "WoE." And they go, "That's what I said man!" And you explain, "No, WoE." And then they say, "Are you mocking me man?" And then you laugh and walk away cause they are really dumb and obviously not a great fashionista like you that they don't even know about WoE!!

I mixed the pants with the styling cardigan from Doux Petit Dahl to come up with a little number I like to call "WoDo." It dresses the whole thing up a bit!!

Mix And Match 2

Next we hit MIX and MATCH and the cutest little skin with two (count them) toofers showing!! Manis calls it Sorriso which means "smile" - so appropriate. And don't forget you can buy her skins and still get that box of cereal in RL for meals for the next week!! Fashion without Smashin (the budget)!! Now you can go to lunch and your best friend can really step up and say ... "Hey .. you have a little somethin' stuck in your teeth." And you can reply, "ya, but at least I have teeth ..."

Mix And Match 1

And while we are on MIX and MATCH - check out this necklace - topaz - moi - I am sure she sat up at nights thinking of things to design that were all about me ,....Scorpio that I am!!!

SKIN: Mix And Match - Sorriso Tan
HAIR: YumYum - 04 Chocolate - $150L
LASHES: Wasabi - /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes - $100L
PANTS: WoE - GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Jeans - Autumn - $200L
TOP: Gold Halter - hunt prize - unknown
CARDIGAN: Doux Petit Dahl - !DPD: Draped Cardigan [Choco]- $150L
BOOTS: Dark Mouse - Get to the Point Boots - Gold
NECKLACE: Mix And Match - Precious Topaz Necklace - $125L
PURSE: [TOP] -AC_CrossBag_BrownLeater (Box) - hunt gift

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