Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Candyman.

Candy Man 1

Candy Man 2

I never really cared for the song the "Candy Man." I can appreciate some of the older music and quite enjoy it but that song was just ridonkulous to me. However, this suit from M'Lady Designs
caught my eye and so I put it on and when no strains of the Candy Man came through (thank heavens for tinfoil underwear ... a girl has to protect herself from these things) I was hooked!!

Candy Man 3

I tried to find a circus - I have always wanted to boss around clowns and elephants but damn those things are unco-operative - sort of like trying to boss around hubby and the kids .... not saying which is which ....

Candy Man 4

So I just wandered and pointed my stick at people and told them where to sit and how to stand . I just have a few more sims to cover and then my work will be done ... Geewhiz I am good at this bossy stuff.

Candy Man 5

Get your hands off my candy cane ... it is an integral part of my costume ....
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