Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't Bite Me I Am Frozen!!

Vitabela Dubrovna's Boudoir has some of the most amazing dresses. This one was offered over Christmas for a limited time at a greatly reduced price. It is called Frozen Bite.

blue 2

I looked for some sugar plums but they were fresh out ...something about the early frost destroying most the crops ... then I figured if enough of us bought the outfit we could all skate up and do some kind of line dancing ice capade number but people don't even make eye contact with me let alone talk to me.

blue 1

So I just found a clothes pin and stuck it on my nose, glue gunned my hair back with some flowers and jumped in the pool - thinking synchronized swimming - ya baby ... but um ... the pool was frozen and covered with snow ... there are some swell sort of snow angel thingys though ....

blue 3
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