Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MIAA - FREE Gift from ALB.

My Feathers 4

My Feathers 2

I actually blame Allesist Klaar for all my preoccupation with feathers these days. Every call I get from her about a MM or a chair with a "B" is for a feather something. I am not fighting it anymore ... I have given in ....

My Feathers 3

You should simply click on over and pick yourself up one of these and THEN you can fly around and be a bird ... be free .. unless you are a peacock .. THEN according to the handbook on being birdlike you must make a really annoying sound, and wander lush garden places looking beautiful but making sure you snap that tail shut just when the tourists go to take a picture ... it is just the way of the peacock .... Alles told me so ...

My Feathers 1

ALB Dream Fashions this is their December gift - compeltely free!!
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