Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Purple People Eaters.

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Estyllirrorsitty Baragrialora Lapliss

BareRose 3

BareRose is some of the best value for dollar on the Grid. Everything she makes comes with so much more than what you even expect and suddenly you have a ccompletely different look than you intended. Love the blouses with this set and love this look.

BareRose 1

So enjoy Pocket Mirrors - nice hair .. always well done.

BareRose 2

I finally found an outfit to wear my Alegria frilled shoes with!!

BareRose 5

SKIN: eStyle - Agate Skins
HAIR: Pocket Mirrors - Ofelia Updo - $200L
LASHES: Ultra Kitty - Nana - Eyelashes - Gift
OUTFIT: BareRose - Fantasy - $149L
SHOES: Alegria Designs - frilled to see you pumps - $50L (sale)
EARRINGS: Donna Flora - hearts and flowers - $450L (set)
LOCATION: Bliss Windlow Photographic Studios
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