Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snatch Yourself a Coat to Confuse Mom!!

Scientific Phylum Name (which I called FASHIONific Phylum Name or FPN) for This Look: Lanicade Magsnucknia Cherou

Chilling 3

You take some swell underwear that your mother won't let you out of the house in because the suspenders may cover the nipples but that is about all ....

Chilling 2

and you create a diversion ... like a great coat ... with a hood! And then you focus your mom's attention on the hood and how swell it is and how you are making sure you are nice and warm and it is maybe even lined .... moving your hands away from your exposed flesh to the lovely deep rich brocade of the jacket.... Demonstrate that you DO know how to do up the buttons and will as soon as you get outside ... (practice saying with a straight face ...)

Chilling 1

Further point out that your very high boots are in case you live in Alberta, Canada at the moment where you will need it to navigate the snow ... unlike those of us in the warmth of Australia suffering with the heat ... (please send sympathy cards to me ... but only hallmark .. love quality cards).... kiss mom on the forhead and run ...

Chilling 4

Or you can always move out ... I know it is scary and you are only 38 ... but you can do it .. I believe in you!

SKIN: Lara Skins - Mary
HAIR: Vanity Hair - Mae
LASHES: SinDecade - SD Lashes
COAT: Snatch- chilling coat
CORSET: Luck Inc - Bodysuit
BOOTS: Vassnia - The Mean Weasel Boots -
JEWELLERY: Magia - silver/pink earring
Poses: Cheree Motion
LOCATION: BLISSOU Studios (Bliss Windlow Photographic Studios)
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