Sunday, December 6, 2009

Temptation in Green.

Sascha 9

Sascha 7

Sascha 10

Sascha 8

Sascha 5

Sascha's offers a range of beautiful dresses for the holiday season. This is another store with impecable designs, attention paid to the smallest details, gorgeous colours and sumptuous shapes, and the most generous of packaging with many options offered.

This is her design called Temptation ($550L) and it, like all her dresses, comes in a variety of colours. Join the group and be the recipient of a monthly dress, of the same quality as you see here. In addition she is an approachable designer who cares about her customers and listens to what they want. She frequently releases specials and extra rewards. Both a group, and a store worthy of your time and Lindens.
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